Rev Dorothy Peyton JonesThe Cambridge Work Relations group, later renamed as Chaplaincy to People at Work (CPW) was established in 1980 and began employing full-time, ordained Chaplains from 1982 onwards. The vision for the Chaplaincy came from a leading Cambridge businessman who organised support from the main denominations. The work expanded to include the Cambridge Science Park as well as the City Centre and subsequently, Cambridgeshire Constabulary. There have been four full-time lead chaplains to date along with other associate chaplains who have affiliated themselves to CPW.


A notable landmark was achieved on 14th April 2005 when the Chaplaincy became a Local Ecumenical Partnership (LEP). This helped to endorse that the Chaplaincy service is multi faith and broadens the support network.

We recently commissioned a short film to better explain what we are about and the difference that Chaplaincy makes inthe workplace, the people that work there as well as the organisations themselves.