Article Fight for family flexitime

Michael Clark of the Relationships Foundation is concerned that the current political and economic climate might scupper his organisation's work in getting the government to make it easier for workers to take time off at key family pressure points.

05 Nov 2008 eChaplaincy Admin

Article Procrastination - 5 ways to get unstuck

Some straightforward, practical ways to help you get out of that procrastination rut and get things moving.

09 Aug 2010 eChaplaincy Admin

Article Procrastination - why do we do it?

When we procrastinate, we put something off to try and avoid giving ourselves an unpleasant experience, but often we end up giving ourselves unpleasant amounts of stress and guilt instead. It sounds illogical when you put it like that, so why do we...

09 Aug 2010 eChaplaincy Admin