The chaplains and staff contribute items and details that they would value prayer for, and these are collated into a monthly prayer diary.  This is shown below and also available for download.  If you have any items that you would like to see included then please send them by email marked 'Prayer Diary'.



May 2014

Thursday 1st

Friday 2nd

Saturday 3rd

Sunday 4th


Please pray for Geoff Dodgson as he visits the Somme and leads a short service at the Tiepval War memorial.  Pray for the group that will also be visiting.


The Peterborough Chaplaincy Team meet together today for a day of training, fellowship, worship and fun. Thank God for all of the hard work that they do in that city.


FLAG (Fight like a Girl) is happening in Wesley Methodist Church, Cambridge today with Fiona Castle.  Pray that business women from across the city will attend and be blessed.


We praise God for the Easter morning Sonrise service held in the Grafton Centre in Cambridge – give thanks for all who took part and all who came to the service.

Monday 5th

Tuesday 6th

Wednesday 7th

Thursday 8th


Please remember Dorothy Peyton Jones as she and her husband seek to bring themselves, their older children and their new young family into a loving stable relationship.


Pray for the students who will be handing in their final assignments and sitting their final exams this month at Anglia Ruskin University, also for Nigel Cooper their Chaplain.


Please remember Duncan Palmer as he works among the farmers in the Fenland area, especially as the work gets busier at this time of year.  Pray for a fruitful harvest in the months to come.


Please pray for Jason de Vaux as he works in Chaplaincy in both the Grafton Centre and Cambridge City Centre.  Pray for wisdom as he visits staff in the centres and their shops.

Friday 9th

Saturday 10th

Sunday 11th

Monday 12th


We are asked to pray today for all who are suffering from cancer, and for treatment that will eradicate this disease from the world once and for all.


Give thanks and praise for all who treat patients in hospitals and surgeries, and those who are researching cures for illnesses.


Please pray for all Chaplains who will be taking services today in various Churches and Chapels across the county, and all who meet to worship with them.


Please pray for Chris Duffett as he seeks to grow a team of volunteers in the Park Road area, who could dedicate some time each week to reaching out to people who live and work on that road.

Tuesday 13th

Wednesday 14th

Thursday 15th

Friday 16th


Pray as the Parks at One meets today on the Science Park in Cambridge.

Dr Chris Thomson from Tyndale House is speaking on the reliability of biblical manuscripts – “Holy Bible or full of holes”


Pray for Rob Booth as he visits Ely Police Station each week.  Pray for him and those he meets as he seeks to establish contacts there, and as he gets known and trusted among the staff.


Pray for the shops, staff, organisations and council as they prepare for a busy summer in Cambridge City Centre and for Jason as he ministers in the City Centre.


Let us thank God for the relationships that have been forged in the Grafton Centre over the last four years with staff and shops as Jason de Vaux has worked as the Centre Chaplain.

Saturday 17th

Sunday 18th

Monday 19th

Tuesday 20th


Please pray for Stuart Wood as he ministers to the players and staff at the Cambridge United Football ground.


Pray for Andrew Glover as he chairs the Executive Group of Chaplaincy, and also for those who Chair the various local groups in Wisbech, Ely, Peterborough, Cambridge and Huntingdon.


Pray for continued relationships in the Grafton Centre for Chaplaincy, pray for those who will be leaving the centre staff, that they will be blessed in their new jobs.


Please pray for Peter Hayler as he ministers among the staff who work at the Cambridge University.  May he be able to sensitively help those who are in need of Gods help and care.

Wednesday 21st

Thursday 22nd

Friday 23rd

Saturday 24th


Today CPW have arranged a “Celebration of Business” Service in Ely Cathedral, including the commissioning and recommissioning of Chaplains


Please pray for Stephen Talbot as he leads the team of Police Chaplains who work in the stations across our county.  Pray also for the Chaplains.


Please remember Paula Spalding as she leads the Chaplaincy work in Cambridge Regional College.


Please pray for Andy Atkins as he ministers among the shoppers and workers in the Lion Yard Shopping Centre in Cambridge

Sunday 25th

Monday 26th

Tuesday 27th

Wednesday 28th


Please pray for the Patrons of the Chaplaincy to People at Work who represent the various ecumenical denominations across our county.


Pray for Alan Lowe and his wife Heather, as they relocate to Cumbria for Heather to take on a Curacy.  Thank God for all that Alan has done previously as Chaplain to Asda Store in Cambridge.


Please pray for John Clark as he ministers among those who work and live on the waterways of our county. Pray for fruitfulness in his ministry.


Pray for students who will be graduating soon from our universities as they look for gainful employment in a tough world.

Thursday 29th

Friday 30th

Saturday 31st



Thank God for the Trustees of the Chaplaincy.  Pray for them as they seek to lead the work of the Chaplaincy.


Pray for the final preparations for the Pentecost Prayer and Praise on 8th June in the Grafton Centre, that we will see a mighty witness of Jesus Christ that evening


Pray for Laurie Boorman from St Benet’s Church in Cambridge City as he ministers among the many retail outlets along St Andrew’s Street and Regent Street.