For workplaces the Chaplaincy to People at Work provides:

  • An informal and confidential listening and counselling service;
  • A structured visiting programme, in the workplace if appropriate, to provide pastoral care, support and counselling;
  • Assistance to business and organisations, both management and staff, coping with changed structures and practices;
  • Advice on the application of Christian traditions of spirituality and Christian ethical principles at work

One side of the work of the Chaplaincy to People at Work is focussed on the world of business, but the other side is towards the churches, helping them to be aware of the work-related needs and opportunities of their members. Chaplains are available to preach and lead services, and also take part on meetings and discussions to help to provide:

  • Expertise in supporting church members, to help and train them in discipleship at work;
  • Enabling the understanding and application of Christian principles at work;
  • Initiatives for discussion and reflection on issues which relate faith to economics and business;
  • Awareness of the effects of economic forces and technological change as they exert pressures on people at work;
  • Providing support to other workplace chaplains linked to local churches or ecumenical teams.